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Rumor  Rumor
Rumor is a male senior black lab mix who needs a lot of help. He is blind and has issues with his hips. He appears to have had a hard life.

Rumor was found stray by the Animal Control Officers. He was matted and in bad shape when they picked him up. How does an old blind dog survive on his own? It was a blessing for Rumor that the ACO's found him.

When we saw him in the shelter he was shaking so bad he could not sit still. You could literally see him shake from outside the kennel. He didn't trust anyone who came into his kennel and was cautious and ready to defend himself. Imagine being terrified, you smell death, dogs are barking constantly, and you cannot see who was coming in to visit you. I'm surprised he was as good as he was.

We had to give him a chance. Once out of the shelter and with some time to settle in Rumor became the sweet and calm old man that he is who loves nothing more than to sit by his humans and keep them company.

We got him to the vet who said Rumor has infantile cataracts, which means he is a good candidate for surgery. One day he could see again! But it is very expensive.

He started slipping on the floor and falls often since his hips appear to be weak. There may be nothing the vet can do, but we would like to get them checked out.

We are looking to give Rumor another chance at life. Hopefully one day Rumor will be a normal dog again and live out the rest of his life in comfort.

For additional information about Rumor please email Marla Cox at

Are you looking for a great way to help one of our other Labs?
Many people are unable to foster a dog, but would still love to help one out. Sponsorship of one of our dogs makes this possible! We always have dogs undergoing heartworm treatment, boarding, or otherwise gobbling up funds! Since we are all volunteers and rely entirely on adoption fees and donations, we sometimes have to turn away dogs simply because there are not enough funds to cover their expenses. By sponsoring a dog, you can help cover his or her expenses, which enables us to ultimately help more dogs!

You can sponsor a dog by either sending a check or money order to our P.O. Box (see address below), or making an online Paypal donation.

Any amount is appreciated, and will go a long way in helping our dogs! Please be sure to indicate on your check, money order, or Paypal donation which dog you would like your donation to be applied to, and we will make sure that it goes to the right place! We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and therefore all donations are tax deductible.

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